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A passionate story-lover, Muriel Horowitz brings her commitment to social justice, her experience in literacy learning and teaching, and her love of her Jewish heritage to her work as workshop facilitator, performer, and provider of arts-in-education programs.

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In performance, Muriel enchants listeners of all ages with her lively tellings filled with audience involvement. She shares stories from her Jewish heritage, from cultures around the world, from history, and from her personal and family histories. Many of her tales contain messages of empowerment, wisdom, and morality told with spunk and humor. Muriel especially loves inspiring others to tell their own tales and can weave this into her programs.

Muriel's workshops and residencies include interfaith, inter-generational and educational audiences. She believes that storytelling and story listening is a powerful way for people to get to know and value one another. 

Muriel has worked with parents, students and teachers and has recently helped young children share stories from their families. 

She has also worked to help formerly incarcerated people tell their stories. 

While helping to build houses in Nicaragua, Muriel shared stories in a very rural village. When in China at a storytelling village, she shared with the local storytellers and families.



Muriel loves exercising her creative juices by creating programs specific to individual needs and desires and loves collaborating with others in developing new initiatives involving story. 

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Jon's Shofar / The Shepherd’s Pipe

The Butterfly Friends

An adaptation of a German folk tale

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Muriel Horowitz - Storyteller

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